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vida+facil, sustainable innovation initiatives.



Before the crisis, different people (economists, sociologists, philosophers, etc.) and civil society entities, had been for long announcing the perishability of the current models of modern society, and the consequent need to bring new, post-modern life paradigms, much more attuned with the diversity and variety of human needs, and with the environment.

The arrival of this crisis is a clear sign of the urgent call to get ‘hands on’ and start working on a new future.

So, vida+facil’s story begins with this sense of dissatisfaction around the current socioeconomic paradigm, and with our decision to contribute with our experience in the transition towards new models based on sustainable development, and centred in the real needs of both society and the natural environment.


Create a society where individuals are commited with building a sustainable future for themselves and for the forthcoming generations, being respectful of life and the environment.


We seek to bring our vision to life through the creation of models for a sustainable life, bringing forth tools and actions that enable the implementation and development of such models, creating synergies amongst stakeholders and territories, whilst empowering people to actively participate in the attainment of common good, through the use of already existing resources.



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Architect Albert Camps, specialised in bioarchitecture, writes in his blog about the Cloud Housing model:

Do we have the same needs of home space across all our different life stages? Does it make sense to have all home services individualized when we use less than 5% of their capacity? Do you know how many square metres of space are being underutilised, and could be further used? Are we aware of the ecological impact that the construction of buildings in cities cause to the environment?

The Cloud Housing Model was born from these questions (and probably many others). Mariona Soler, creator of Cloud Housing and Vida+Fácil – “Easier life” in Spanish – ( defines it as “a housing concept that enables flexibility and empowers communities to bring the real state market closer to people’s real needs, in order to find a sustainable, affordable solution to the current housing crisis. The key piece of the Cloud Housing model are the buildings that combine private space with communal areas and common services, under a “Pay per use” scheme.






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