“Cloud Housing is Born” by Albert Camps

Do we have the same space requirement at home in every life’s stage? Does it make sense to have all single home services when we use them less than 5% of its useful life? Do you know how many square meters are useless that could be availed? Are we conscious of the environmental consequences of building in cities?…

Due to wondering those questions and probably much others, CLOUDHOUSINGborns as a concept created by Mariona Soler from Vida+fàcil (http://www.vidamesfacil.com/), what she defines it as a housing concept that upgrades flexibility and community to approach real estate market to the peopleneed to find a sustainable solution to the housing crisis. The cloudhousing key aspect are buildings that combine flats, communal spaces and communal services to users by a pay per use model.

These buildings are based in three concepts:

Residence spaces, where users will be able to live in apartments during time and surface hired. Communal spaces for inhabitants like communal laundry rooms for instance, being able to book the laundry for a period of time, without buying electrical appliance (system very used in Scandinavian countries); or communal services like small libraries etc, being able to access as a whole system user. And finally, give services to the neighborhood, like fixing furniture or bikes, organizing communal ecological food purchases, etc.

This way, these buildings could be understood as “islands” from a socio-culturalservice net in cities, what would help municipalities to decrease maintenance charge from their libraries and much more options that would come up overtime.

Last but not least, this system would trigger a really interesting associated economy. From the real estate investor that can find another interesting option to invest, managers from these centres (with cloudhousing platform acting as guardian), to all kind of products and services suppliers needed.

This idea is in beta but Mariona has already submitted in various congresses and architecture ideas competitions all around Spain and South America having a great acceptance and interest to develop this system.

Imagine that you could switch from a flat to another bigger because you decide to live with your couple without deposits or negotiations to contract electricity, water or internet supplies every time. Imagine that by being community user, you could stay in any of the worldwide centres for a affordable price and with all services as if you were at home. Imagine that you live in a bio compatible home, toxic free and so much energy efficient.

All this and much more will be possible very soon!!

Today’s post does not talk directly about  bioarchitecture but it has a lot to do with the essence of making a Little step to make this world a fair place.

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