Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloudhousing?

On a user level cloudhousing works for all those who do not want to decided the exact size and location of a place to settle down forever. Less rigid than a mortgage, more complete than renting, cloudhousing follows the lives of people and not vice versa. At company level, cloudhousing is an innovative housing solution for developers, real estate and any entity that has empty buildings to take advantage of. Transforming these buildings into  cloudhousing projects can reactivate a heritage that otherwise would quickly lose its value.

When will the first building open for users?

When the first building opens to the public this will be announced on this website. At this time vida+facil is concentrating on developing the idea into more detail to start the first projects in Barcelona.

Does cloudhousing assure the profitability?

Each building cloudhousing is an independent company. The profitability depends on the management of each company, as it relies mostly on savings achieved through the intelligent use of resources and the joint purchase of products and services which otherwise would have been hired separately.


  • the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof can reduce electricity costs
  • joint procurement of cleaning services may be cheaper for users while generating profits for the company
  • the provision of additional services (car sharing, nursery, meeting rooms) provides additional income

To learn more about how cloudhousing works for investors and owners of buildings, contact with our experts at vida+facil

What does cloudhousing mean?

Just as in “cloud computing”, where users only pay when using a software, in cloudhousing you pay for housing and shared services depending on your usage. Users can change apartments when their circumstances change and take advantage of community services (meeting rooms, nursery, …) as needed, paying fees based on usage.