How does cloudhousing work?

Cloudhousing is a concept that enhances the flexibility and the community to adjust the housing market to the need of people looking for a sustainable solution for the housing crisis. The heart of cloudhousing are buildings that combine apartments, common areas and services for users on a pay per use basis.

Each building is organized as a company managing the resources necessary for the proper maintenance and use of buildings and infrastructure. Profits are generated from the advantages of buying wholesale and the efficient use of resources.

Each building has a manager that ensures the proper use of the facilities by users and as a hub, the activities within the building.

Pay per use
Pay-mode: each person / family pays a fee for the use of a flat. As needs change (either increase or decrease family members), you can change to an apartment of another size. Shared services such as ICT room, meeting rooms … also pay per use.

>> Benefits for public entities
>> Benefits for corporate partners
>> Benefits for landlords
>> Benefits for users

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